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Me: *expresses my hatred of Jeff Bezsos and Amazon in a gc*

Republican Colleague: Well you just have to accept that Taylor's gonna work with people you don't like. She can't do everything you want.

Me (in my head): you're just upset Tayliberal hates you huh.

I have been very quiet on waterfall these past few days. I am sorry. I've had shit posts I've wanted to make. But just... Focusing on Tumblr

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Does anyone remember those squishy wet circles they sold to children??? I wanna take a bath in them

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I also crave them but I want to. Eat

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what are those??? what's the purpose of those????

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These got popular after I was out of their target age range for me. But like... They were originally created to be like a massage tool kinda? Like taking a bath in them was actually their intended use.

They were supposed to be a different texture which is always entertaining to kids.

Please don't eat the Orbees. Last I heard they had poison in them.

Possibly the funniest thing I've tweeted in a while


Enjoy my cover of NIGHTMARE by HALSEY!!

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Screenshotted from Tunblerer bc their copy and paste thing sucks. But this just happened.

Just woke up from my SECOND dream about my teeth falling out of my mouth. This was literally one of the bloodiest dreams I've had in a long time and it scared the hell outta me. Apparently teeth falling out in your dreams can mean lack of power and control in your conscious life and lol. I felt that shit.

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anyways i hope they make an app for this soon bc it’s really hard to upload things from a phone

Let the universe pick my nail polish... All I can say is...



Today I reacted to old videos on my YouTube Channel! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it! If you like this video please




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My 2018 playlist takes me back 😭😭😭 like Obsessed by Mariah Carrey took me to Rep Tour and Rockstar by Post Malone took me to my gig with Unannounced 😭😭

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I’ve discovered that a lot of adult life requires advocating for oneself and putting one’s foot down when necessary and it hurts my conflict-avoidant-ass so much to have to do so

Love is Stored in the Wooloo

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to all of the queer and lgbtq folks who have had their own identities used as an example of what is "ruining the lgbt community":

you deserve respect

you deserve representation

you deserve a welcoming place in the lgbtq community

and you are absolutely allowed to celebrate yourself

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Self Check In

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- have you eaten recently?

- have you taken your meds today?

- have you made time for one of your hobbies/interests today?

- are you feeling tired? Is it time to go to bed or at least take a nap?

- have you drunk water recently?

- when was your last bathroom break?

Take care of yourselves, loves πŸ’–

Watching these country star interviews for CMA Fest makes me so sad cuz they're all famous AND they're all married and I just... It reminded me of what I was expecting not even two months ago

Y'all. Last night I was in a v delirious state and I texted my ex lowkey demanding pictures of his dog cuz she's super cute and I started missing her and he sent me pictures of her at 3am πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm still really confused but WHATEVER. IM NOT COMPLAINING

"... I don't even Speak Spanish"

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making friends is a wonderful experience because everyone is so unique with different quirks and it makes me very happy and open to forming friendships